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Having lived and worked in Japan for many years, I found the differences and similarities between both cultures intriguing.

We would like the SAKURA website to encourage both Anglo-Japanese friendship and understanding between all cultures. culture


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education art Japanese Garden Society


Founded in 1993, the Japanese Garden Society (JGS) brings together people interested in the gardens of Japan and Japanese gardens in the UK.

The Society welcomes amateurs and professionals, garden lovers and garden designers who are interested in Japanese gardens and who wish to share their interests with other like-minded people.

The regional groups around the UK provide local events, meetings, talks etc.

See the JGS website for all membership details.

For more information┬ácall 0345 094 4584 or go online: • JGS Website • emailFacebook



art education KimonoKimono


A treasure trove of Kimono and Accessories in Bristol

Owned by Orientalist Phil Porter.

Contact: 07561 196743 • KimonoKimono Website • emailFacebook


Video courtesy of KimonoKimono.


art culture education food hobbies FEATURE from Japan Day • May 2014 at Cardiff Central Library

A day of Japanese Cultural Events, Demonstrations, Workshops and Exhibits celebrating Japanese Arts, Traditional Crafts, Culture & Literature, was held in Cardiff Central Library on Saturday 31st May 2014.


Photo © Allison MackenziePhoto © Allison Mackenzie© Allison Mackenzie


This event was delivered in partnership with local Japanese community members, businesses and institutions. art culture education food hobbies ...contd


Japanese Martial Art • Kendo


culture culture Renseikan Kendo Club

Impressive demonstrations of Kendo were made both outside and inside the Cardiff Central Library at the Cardiff Japan Day by some members of the Renseikan Kendo Club.

The Club is based at St. Joseph's R.C. High School in Newport.

© Allison Mackenzie© Allison Mackenzie



© Allison Mackenzie© Allison Mackenzie


© Allison Mackenzie


culture culture For more information • Renseikan Kendo Club Website



The First Welsh Open Taikai hosted by the Akai Ryuu Kendo Club in February 2013 was a great success.

For more information about the Kendo Club please follow the link below to the Akai Ryuu Kendo website.

culture culture Akai Ryuu Website


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